Game Related Questions

How should I place the Topping cards?

The Topping cards should be stacked on top of the Toast cards, with the title of the card visible to all players.

What happens when there is a tie?

  • The first tie breaker is whoever has the most toast
    cards wins (including both Base Toast and Plain Toast
  • The second tiebreaker is whoever has the most
    variety of Toppings wins

What's the difference between Travel Edition and First Edition?

🧳 The Travel Edition ($14.99) is designed for those who love gaming on the go. It's a compact version of the game that can easily fit in your pocket. Inside, you'll find a rule sheet and all the cards you need to play. This edition is perfect for taking with you on your travels or playing in smaller spaces where portability is key.

🥇 The First Edition ($14.99) includes a rule booklet, four reference sheets with quick reference guides and score sheets, and cards made from thicker, more durable materials. This edition is perfect for hosting game nights with friends and family, providing a more comprehensive and engaging gaming experience.

Kickstarter Questions

When will the physical games be delivered?

The games are currently in the manufacturing stage. The conservative estimate is March 2024, and the optimistic estimate is November 2023.

What's exclusive with Kickstarter pledge?

Kickstarter supporters had exclusive access of the $20 per copy price (versus $24.99 Retail). Since we achieved the stretch goal, supporters will also receive a Smiley Toast sticker!