About Us

First time game maker, forever toast lover

Coco loves all kinds of carbs (especially toasts)! Although she barely passed her AP Art exam in high school, she is passionate about doodling and creating adorable designs that make people happy.

She wanted to make a fun and easy game that bring people joy.

Shout out to Ryan (who helped to improve the rule book and card text), Chloe (who created a pop-up stand), and numerous backers and play testers who made Toasty Toasts a reality!

Want to say hi? Email us :)

Toasty Toasts would not be possible without our community!

I want to acknowledge the contribution of these individuals for making Toasty Toasts possible:

  • Edi for being a supportive partner and the OG playtester
  • Gabby for inspiring me to pivot into games
  • Lynn, Victor, George & Susan for hours of playtesting
  • Bernie for the helpful mentorship
  • And many more people who playtested, backed my Kickstarter, and purchased Toasty Toasts - thank you so much for your support!