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🍞 The Toast Master Bundle

🍞 The Toast Master Bundle

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Introducing our Ultimate Bundle: The First Edition + Travel Edition. Get both at $5 discount!

🍞 The Toast Master Bundle: Get the best of both worlds - comprehensive gameplay with the First Edition and on-the-go fun with the Travel Edition. Upgrade your gaming collection today!

🥇 The First Edition: Elevate game nights with a comprehensive set featuring a rule booklet, four reference sheets, and premium cards for a top-tier gaming experience.

🧳 The Travel Edition: Enjoy gaming on the go with a compact version that fits in your pocket, featuring a rule sheet and all the essentials for portable fun.

Stickers are sold separately. Plushies/backdrops not included.

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Customer Reviews

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Laura Perez
Unique, Fun, & Addicting

Toasty Toast is a blast. The designs are simply charming and the game plan is addicting (you can’t just play it once). To say the least, this was a hit during game night. The packaging and card quality also seem quite durable (which is perfect since I can tell we’ll be pulling the game out a bunch).
The First Edition is perfect for our home game collection and the Travel Edition is perfect for bringing along to get together a and trips alike!

Super fun game for the whole family

Delightfully engaging and bursting with whimsical charm, Toasty Toasts is a family-oriented card game that stands out in the crowd. The game’s quick pacing and easy-to-understand rules make it an instant hit for family game nights, while the unique, playful illustrations spark imagination and laughter. Whether you’re strategizing over toast rolls or dodging whimsical catastrophes, this game is sure to bring joy and bonding to any gathering, earning its place as a beloved staple in the card game collection.